Die and casting techniques/technology with a tradition and a future
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Quality based on tradition:
For more than 100 years now, we have produced forging components for diverse application purposes.
From our company's history: key milestones
In 1905, our company was founded by the brothers Albert and Ernst August Steller, and has remained a family-managed company ever since.
In 1920, our company began to manufacture cast parts for the railway industry.
In 1926, a re-structuring of the entire production process took place at our company.
From this point forward, we have been a component supplier for the automotive industry.
Today, we are a company whose business extends far beyond Germany's borders into the rest of the world - our products and processes meet the very highest technological and quality standards.
By using highly modern facilities, along with the very latest production techniques and quality-assurance measures, we prove to be a competent partner to help solve your casting problems in the future.
Our strengths lie in the production of die and casting implements from all standard grades of steel with a gross component weight which lies in the range from 10 g to 4 kg - upon request, also manufactured in ready-to-install form.
As a result of our comprehensive technical consultation for new projects and in the course of serial production, you will benefit, from the beginning, from our know-how and many years of experience.
In this context, our quality standard conforms to the high level of those standards applicable to official certification guidelines.
Challenge us to give our best!