Forging techniques
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We process all standard grades of steel (for example, high-alloyed structural steel or stainless steels) and aluminium.

Our production assemblies are electro-hydraulic short-hoist drop-forge hammers, "maxi-presses" and drop hammers.

The heating takes place via inductive and conductive heating systems and via regulated gas furnaces.

In this process, we always apply state-of-the art technology:

The progression of the recasting process is planned in advance with the aid of computer simulation.

Our recasting assemblies are partially equipped with robots and fully automatic in their operation.

Videoclip: fully automatic electro-hydraulic short-hoist drop-forge hammers in action

The continuation of the production line after forging:

  • De-burring / punching
  • Heating treatment in continuous annealing furnaces to adjust the micro-structural condition and the mechanical properties in a targeted fashion
  • De-scaling (sandblasting)
  • Calibration
  • Upon request, processing until ready for installation
  • Upon request, galvanic treatment of component surfaces

Our highly sophisticated quality-management system consistently ensures the necessary product quality - for each working cycle.