Quality management
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Our quality standard conforms to the high level of those standards applicable to official certification guidelines.

This enables us to guarantee the delivery of your products to you on the necessary quality level.

Our quality management system is the "common thread" of all divisions and processes within our company.

  • FMEA for error avoidance at the planning stage of a process
  • Process monitoring during production via checks on product features and production parameters
  • Statistical process regulation: SPC and PPM

These are only three exemplary measures with which we ensure the quality of our products.

All elements, requirements and measures in place for our system are documented exhaustively in a QS handbook.

For procedures related to measurement and test engineering, we use the latest devices and software, such as (for instance):

  • CNC co-ordinates gauges
  • A mass spectrometer for materials analysis and to test for mix-ups
  • Magna testing device to test the hardness of serial parts
  • Magnetic device to check for cracks
  • Hardness testing device
  • Various other gauges and testing devices

All devices are subject to inspection asset forth in the QS handbook, and enable the supply of serial parts subject to documentation.

Our quality and environmental-sustainability management system is certified according to various norms:

Quality management system according to ISO/TS 16949/2002

Environmental-sustainability management system according to ISO 14001:2004