Product line
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When we're dealing with concerns regarding safety, reliability, durability and high wear of components, drop-forged products are the best choice.

Outstanding stability properties, due to the consistent run of the fibres, a diverse selection of materials, the low-cost production of complicated geometries and a high degree of safety in our manufacturing processes testify to the application of our products.

We process standard grades of steel (for example, high-alloyed structural steel or stainless steels) and aluminium.

Our strong suit lies in the production of die and casting implements from all standard grades of steel with a gross component weight which lies in the range from 10 g to 4 kg.

An excerpt from our product range:

Safety components for steering columns, axles, brakes

Engine components such as rocker arms, piston rods, crankshafts

Transmission components such as drivers engaging pieces for gearshifts, shift fingers, shifter forks

Components custom-made upon the request of an individual customer